What Today is This?

When we were children, my youngest brother was always trying to keep up with us, and we loved teaching him things.  Things like the concept of yesterday, today and tomorrow, which was probably a little much for a 2-year old, but we tried.

First, of course, you start with the days of the week, and once that’s mastered, you move on to yesterday was Tuesday, tomorrow is Thusday and today is Wednesday.

And to test Max’s understanding of both the days of the week and the concept of yesterday, today & tomorrow, we would ask him questions.  What was yesterday? What day is tomorrow? And what today is this?  Which is how Max remembered it always & forever.  And so the rest of us fell into the habit of asking “What today is this?”

I myself use the phrase particularly when I need to re-orient myself and my to-do lists.  If I know what today is it, I know what I need to accomplish.

My today is not just Wednesday, but also a month to go before the end of the year.  Three days to finish a writing project.  The day I promised I would bake Jeffrey cookies.  The start of the second wave of job hunting.  The start of a new blog and a new attitude toward my writing and a chance to re-acquaint myself & my friends with the person I thought I was and want to be.

Today is a good day.  And it’s also Wednesday.


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