Galen Weston Broke My Heart Last Week

If you love cooking and food porn, you probably watch the Food Network, so you already know that there is a contest running right now that’s combining food tv and recipes and President’s Choice called “Recipe to Riches” and I submitted a recipe – as noted in an earlier blog.

Maybe I shouldn’t have admitted in the blog that I have the perfect face for radio.  Maybe the problem is that my audition place would have been in Toronto whereas there might be less competition for space & time in, say, Halifax.  I don’t know.  Whatever the reason, I received an email last week – FIVE DAYS BEFORE THE AUDITIONS – to tell me that my recipe wasn’t original enough.

First, five days before the audition?  When it had been implied in earlier emails that EVERYONE who submitted a recipe was going to go to the auditions, now they decide my recipe wasn’t original enough?  Surely that’s something which, if true, would have been noted when I submitted the recipe.  Not that I think it’s true.  I made up the recipe! Really, how much more original do you want people??

I will grant you that rolling food stuffs around a tortilla shell is not original and hasn’t been for a few centuries.  What is original is what those food stuffs are, and I think I made some original choices in Tia Dia’s Tortilla Casserole. It started as a way to use up left-overs, but evolved into its own dish of yummy chickeny-saucy-black beany-cheesy-spicy goodness.  Particularly nice with a robust red wine or an ice cold beer or two.  And everyone who has enjoyed – and I mean enjoyed – the casserole thinks it’s deliciously original.  The thing is, I didn’t even submit my best recipe, just the best one for freezing.

See, the contest is to ultimately to give the President’s Choice researchers a bit of a break in coming up with new ideas – get the public to do it for them instead.  So all recipes submitted had to be freezable, and this casserole is a great one for that (I have one in my freezer right now, because I was supposed to be in Toronto on Saturday!).  My best original recipe is for pork brown betty, which is pork and bread and apples and onions and mushrooms and calvados.  I honestly don’t know if this one is freezable or not – maybe I should have tried doing that – because there’s never anything left over to freeze when I make it.  But it would make a great PC product!

Anyway, we did not go to Toronto on Saturday and Jeff did not have to spend his birthday standing in line and I will  not win $25,000 for submitting the best entree recipe.  Sigh.  You can bet, however, that the winning entree will be purchased by our household and very carefully scrutinized for taste, ease of preparation and originality!


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