So Are The Days of Our Lives…

I begin by saying… my poor brain.  It has been hit in the face with more facts and more… well, I’m not sure what to call it but boy, my brain’s been hit in the past few days. 

There was a time when I was a pretty good student but I think that time might have expired.  However, after just four days, and with a lot of disjointed information being thrown at us, that might be a bit premature so I’ll let you know if the brain gets over the multiple hits as the days go on.  The one thing I can say for sure is that I would much rather have been given this information in a straight line.  I know that’s not how life comes at you, but when it’s your own life – as opposed to the one we’re only just now learning to adapt & put on as our 0wn – then you can handle leaps from chapter to chapter.  Right now, I would far prefer to move slowly from paragraph to paragraph.

Anyhoo, however we did it, we got to the end of Day Four at 5:30 this afternoon, and I have to say, I don’t feel particularly smarter about doing this job than I did before.  In the intellectual sense.  Despite my opening remarks about being brain smacked.  It’s all just stuff that has been re-packaged for this industry (which is senior living) that could be applied to just about any industry, many of which I have had great experience.  I have to admit I was gobsmacked today to find out 15-year olds can no longer vacuum or do laundry in a commercial setting but other than that… Not so much with the new stuff.

And the Corporate Geek Speak.  OMG.  It’s worse than text spelling.  However, the less said about that, the less likely I am to get into trouble.  Except I would like to tell my Mother Tongue, “English, I love you.  I don’t think you’re appreciated enough.  Goodness knows,  you’re abused constantly.  And I promise to try to use you carefully always.  When permitted.”

I do have to tell you, Jeff has been a star!  The old ladies love him!  He helps them into their chairs, he smiles at them, he makes little jokes… It looks like I married a man who likes to flirt with octagenarians!!   And he’s a whiz at the book work.  Which is great, because I’m the sort of person with a fast mind and a great memory who took wonderful notes and never read them again.  Jeff’s taking great notes and then he reviews them!!  I bet if we’d shared a desk in math class in high school, I might have passed math. Of course, when he was doing high school math, I was still in public school and that math I could handle!

According to our trainers, we are not allowed to call them – our resdients – wrinklies or oldsters or walking liver spots, so I won’t (but I love that our trainers gave us these names to NOT use!), but so far in our limited interaction with them, I have enjoyed that part of what lies ahead.  On the other  hand, I know more and more that what I really am keen on doing is getting involved in the sales & marketing, and staff management issues.  As 70% of most of the communities in our company (of which there are 314) are female, I’ll just let Jeff go on making friends with all the old darlings, and I’ll bring in more of ’em as “playmates”.

The one chore I dislike as much as I thought I would is the walking around with coffee & tea.  Actually, it appears the female half of the management teams does tea, the men the coffee… whatever… I still don’t like it.  I can see why there might be a practical reason or two to do so, but it’s so institutional, seeing someone parade around the room with cafeteria-style glass carafes of coffee and a towel-covered tray of not-quite-boiling water in pots for tea.  This is just one of a number of institutional practises the company does in the dining room that are so far from their “gracious” motto it’s quite dismaying. I hope, after we have our own community, we might adapt some of these things just a little, but we’ll see.

It’s not like I want to change the entire world – just the bits I care about!

We still don’t know where we’re going… and that still makes me crazy.  We thought for a while we might want to stay here, at this community, which desperately needs a second management team, but I’ve had some heart to heart discussions with a few people, some residents and some staff, because apparently I have a “talk to me” face.  Combine those with our first gut opinion of one of the management team already in place and… we’re thinking staying might have its challenges.

Not that we funk out at challenges – god knows Jeff & I have faced enough on a professional basis we could probably handle another one.  I just had hoped it would take a few weeks.  Months.  Couple of years maybe 🙂

Scarlet is adapting well to the bed-sit hotel room situation – which is good because it will make our apartment seem like a palace in comparison!

Next post – much more creative, I promise.  But also – more news from the wrinklies front next week, I promise.


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