The Truth Of A Changing Life

The moving date has been set – Wednesday.  The unpacking begins that night.  We start pouring coffee Thursday evening.

I want to say we’re excited but really what we are is bemused.  There has been so much happening over the past few days that we’re a little concerned about publishing here so we’ll be discreet (I can hear my friends, and a few frenemies, laughing at that idea) and leave it at that.  But if you hear reports of a middle-aged couple being carted off to some psychiatric rest home next month… send us flowers.  And old cheddar cheese & crackers.

The work still interests us very much.  We know the job, as it is described in print and on the internet, can be rewarding, demanding, challenging, and fun.  We are also learning that the job is not the way it is described in print and on the internet. More than that, it is being co-opted by people who don’t actually understand what the work is supposed to be and are trying to pile other jobs and job requirements into the mix.  It’s one of the reasons why the company is constantly searching for new managers – the ones they have keep leaving because of the stress and the hours and the awful conditions.  And the middle managers, who somehow found their way up the ladder, seem to be unable to find a way to solve the problem.

One of trainers said several times during the course that people don’t leave companies, they leave managements.  In ways I never truly appreciated before, I can this being the Big Truth in corporate life. We want this to be a great experience – I am expecting that we will learn some very hard lessons out of it.  But we have each other, we have great friends and family to support us, and we know we’re capable of some outstanding things… including not giving in to the Peter Principle!

Next blog post… all about the stuff I never thought I would need to know.  Like Vampyre Cleaner for those nasty blood spots…


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