The Clearing In The Woods By The Lake

I hate driving on Highway 10.  From Shelburne to Markdale, 75 km/hour.  I was 8th car in the line, there was a lot of on-coming traffic and there was a bright red Jeep.  Other than the rude things I was thinking I would do to the driver of the red Jeep when I RAN to catch up to it, I had a great drive up to the lake today.  We had to go to store the stuff we had to cull (more culling! more culling!) before the move to our temporary, kitchen-free posting.  And there was so much culled, we each had to drive our cars.  Jeez.

But then, once we were both there and the cars unpacked, I had a great time just sitting in the clearing in the woods by the lake with Jeff.  We sat in our chairs and ate semi-cold burgers and talked about what we wanted to do next to the property.  Which we’re pretty sure won’t be much at all this year.  We’re going to conserve our money and our energy this summer and on those two precious days off, we’re going to throw a bag of clothes and books, along with the cooler, in the trunk, pop the grey cat in her carry box in the back seat, and drive like a bat out of hell for the lake.  And sit.  And maybe read, or canoe, or have a drink with one of the many relatives who share the land with us, and definitely nap, but mostly… we’ll just be at peace.

Jeff does have to build a play pen for the grey cat.  She’s not an outdoor cat any way, but we certainly don’t want her stalking or being stalked in the woods, so Jeff is going to build a bit of a play pen for her, with a picket kind of fence sides, fine chicken wire,and a cover over half so she has her choice of sunshine or shade.  See, we won’t have a building this summer – just the tent and the shade screen.  Which is fine for us, but does present a dilemma dealing with the grey cat.

We’ve got the tent, the queen size camp bed on legs, two (count ’em, two!) barbecues, and a willingness to sleep when the sun goes down and get up when it rises. Oh, and the whole plumbing thing?  Composting toilet & a shower curtain.

When we do build, we’re not going to plumb for flushing toilets, so the composting toilet is a long-term purchase (the shower curtain is another issue).  We’re still researching how to recycle the grey water – dishwater, showers, etc. – but without a toilet, we shouldn’t have to deal with a septic system and tile bed.  And when we build, we’re not going to have the builders finish it.  We’re leaning toward a 30′ by 50′ log cabin finished as to roof, doors & windows, but nothing done inside, including (I hope) any inside walls.  This way, we’ll have a building and Jeff gets to do quite a bit of work himself.

Sitting there in the clearing in the weak sunshine and cool breeze, eating those burgers, we both got such a sense of quiet and peace – a sense of what our weekends will feel like.  Not that they will be weekends in the traditional sense, just two days off together.  I cannot remember a time when we had weekends off together… I think it was 1989!  My friend Ute says I have a way of making lemonade out of some of the pretty tough lemons, which is a really nice thing for her to say.  And if that’s true, these weekends are going to be an extra spoon or two sugar – not to mention a shot of vodka! – in that lemonade pitcher.


One thought on “The Clearing In The Woods By The Lake

  1. YAY!!!! we will see you this summer when we have the lot next door cleared (well.. roundabout driveway) and then again when we’re back from PEI and we’re parked on the roundabout driveway next door.. oooooo, we could do dins using 3 bbq’s!!! We`ll also have a margarita maker. I`m thinking J&S make the meal, D&A drink.

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