Heading Out

Well, we knew it was going to come, and given the fact that we didn’t particularly want to go east… we are going east! We’re leaving our temporary posting on Friday to move to Kingston.  We are excited about the opportunity (remembering that we’re still grading the job at a 6 on a scale of 1-10) and we’re thrilled to near good friends and family.  We’re not so thrilled to be that much further away from Miramar – especially now after Jeff’s spent $300 building the Grey Cat’s playpen!!!  However, there are lots of great camping opportunities in the region, and that’s how we’ll be spending our weekend for the summer and fall.

It’s actually going to be difficult to leave these people here – some of whom we’ve gotten to know quite well.  Those who have made the effort to get to know us, as we have made the effort to get to know some of them, saying good-bye will be sad.  At their age, they have many, many more good byes than hellos…. We hope they will enjoy saying hello to the new couple coming in.

I still hate coffee & tea service, I still find it reprehensible that the company skirts the edge of the law and more than goes over the ethics line in demanding the hours that it does, but I can see more merit now in this work than I would have thought three months ago.  More importantly, Jeff & I are enjoying the experience of working together… even if we do still have try to find time to NOT be together sometimes, too.

Writing has been harder for me now – 56 hours shifts will do that to the creative mind – but I have four stories about my little town that are underway and I very much hope to have one posted this weekend.   And – can you stand the output?? 🙂 —- I have been driving & talking out loud a real story about love and friendship that is going into the “My Love Affairs” section, again I hope this weekend (if the drive to Kingston goes well!)

Gotta head back to the salt mine….

Thanks for reading, thanks for staying in touch about the posts you like.


One thought on “Heading Out

  1. I like working with you. The 56 hour shifts aren’t so bad when you consider that we get three square meals a day and the shifts are really 72 hours. Le chat gris seems to be adjusting well too.

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