Recently, I Had a Dream

Recently, I had a dream…  where I was dating Aaron Hotchner.  Which is crazy because I’m married and rarely date any more, not to mention that Aaron Hotchner is a fictional character on the tv show “Criminal Minds”.  I do happen to think that Thomas Gibson is a terrific actor and rather handsome but if I WERE going to date someone from that show, it would be Joe Mantegna, who plays Dave Rossi.  Although, according to my rich dream life, Mr Gibson is a great dancer and smells like lemons & new car leather.

Recently, I had a dream… I was walking on some rocks by the edge of a river and the further down the river I walked, the softer the rocks became, to the point where I was leaving footprints in the rocks.  Only the footprints were much larger than my feet or shoes.  They looked a little like Sasquatch’s footprints but shod.  And then I realized that while I had been walking, I had also been growing, so now I stood about seven feet tall.  The REALLY weird part is that my clothes grew with me so I was still completely zipped and buttoned, not a frayed hem in sight. I mean, I know I wish I wasn’t the shortest of my siblings but, seriously?  Seven feet tall?  And in any case, how could the extra height make me leave footprints in rocks?  Really, don’t you just wonder about my mind?  I know I do…

Recently, I had a dream… I was back working at CFOS, doing mornings again, only with a whole group of people I didn’t know.  And the harder I tried to make them laugh, the grumpier they became, and the meaner they were to me.  Finally, one of them shouted at me “Just shut up and read the weather!”  So I went into the studio, and I put on my rain slicker (because the forecast was calling for rain, you see), and I read the forecast, and I looked through the window at the morning show host.  Who just happened to be a toad.  And my inability to make him, or any of my new co-workers, laugh suddenly made sense because EVERYbody knows that toads don’t laugh.  Frogs do, but not toads.

Recently, I had a dream… I was cooking dinner for a group of friends and everything smelled great, and when I put it on the platters & in the bowls, it looked wonderful.  We all sat down and served ourselves, and we were having a wonderful time!  Then, one by one, my friends got up and left the table.  I didn’t see most of them go – they just weren’t there any more.  Eventually, it was just me at the table, with a bunch of half-eaten meals on a dozen plates.  I called and called, and no one answered.  I was mad at first, because there was all this great food just abandoned, and then I was frightened, thinking that something had happened only I couldn’t figure out what.  And then I woke up.  And I was still a little mad AND a little scared even after I knew I was awake.

Recently, I had a dream… I was sitting in a room reading a favourite author (although I don’t know which book) and my dog (which exists only in my dreams right now but in the dream WAS the breed I want) started barking.  I looked out the window and saw a beautiful, fun cloud of balloons drift past, heading up in the sky.  Eli, the dog, is barking and I’m laughing, and the fireworks start going off.  It was remarkably easy to see how bright & sparkly they were, even though it was still daylight, but the noise was making Eli bark even harder.  And I can tell he wants to chase the fireworks and the balloons, but he’s really little and I’m not going to let him out.  Now comes the marching band.  Fortunately, the music is more like a dull throbbing sound, which is good because the fireworks are still going off and Eli is still barking, and it’s getting a little hard to concentrate on my book.   So I decide to get up and make myself a drink, because even if the noise doesn’t stop, maybe I won’t care any more.  Only, with the first pour, the balloons all pop and disappear.  So I pour again, and the fireworks end.  And Eli stops barking on the third pour, which means I can hear the band a little better, until I pour a fourth time and the musicians all march off.  I add a little ice, go back to my very comfy squishy chair, pick up my book, go to take a sip, and the glass is empty.  Except for some mostly-melted ice cubes.  Well, I still have the book…

I gotta ask – do other people dream in such vivid sound and smell as I do?


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