Mr Lucky, Meet the dreamHOME

In very many ways, I am a lucky person. I have a wonderful family and a sweet circle of friends, and have never suffered a serious illness or injury.  Great tragedy has touched me because people I love have been struck by it, but being able to be a stalwart for them made me a stronger person.  And although there have been one or two broken hearts and a couple of professional disappointments for me along the way, my list of ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ is much heavier on the ‘pro’ side.

However, this doesn’t make me a Lucky Person in the way my husband is Lucky.  My mother-in-law says he has the busiest guardian angel ever, which would go some way in explaining how he has walked away from two airplane accidents, one near-miss that was closer than we should think about, two car roll-overs and one motorcycle lay-down accident.  Not to mention the afternoon he thought he could try some trick skiing and fell as he passed the 315 degree mark through a helicopter turn.

Guardian angel or luck?  Only the lucky touch explains how he also manages to win a lot of prizes.  Oh, not the big Mega Millions Power Ball Give Away Fort Knox Lottery drawings, but the simple fun ones like a small 50/50 draw, or a gift table giveaway we really wanted.  I, on the other hand, don’t win things (other than my beloved’s heart). That’s why Jeff’s name is on the entry forms, the entry forms for the HGTV dreamHOME giveaway.

See, I would like to win this house.  I would really, really like to win this house… and I’m having problems figuring out exactly why my desire to have this place is so deep.

For one thing, it’s in Utah.  I have never been to Utah, and I have only been friends with one person originally from Utah (who now lives & works in London, England, that’s how keen she was to get away).  I’m not sure Utah is ready for me; I mean, it’s a pretty conservative state and I am not.  Conservative, I mean.  In any regard.  More, it’s where you find mountains, and I’m not a mountain girl.  Jeff is, a mountain boy I mean.  He loves the mountains and he loves to ski (he’s just not helicopter turning  any more) and this would be a great setting for him.  Of course, the property is right beside the Provo River, and I love water, so I can look out the windows, the many beautiful windows and enjoy the river and he can enjoy the majestic mountains through the same windows.

Another reason why I shouldn’t feel so avaricious about this house is that most of the interior decoration is completely the opposite of what we would choose, what we live with.  There are LOTS of people who think the decoration is gorgeous, all those earth and fall tones but I lived with a mother who decorated both her house and her cottage in shades of orange and darker greens and three different browns.  It was like living in a late October forest 24/7 – lovely for a few days in late October but I think boring, dull, all the time.  We win, we move in, we buy paint.

It is beautifully staged, but we don’t think much of it looks “homey”.  Most of the artwork is the sort I would buy for an office, not a home.  There are no bookcases, and there are enough tchotchkes to start a gift store, but again none of them mean anything because I didn’t pick them out or they weren’t gifts from friends or inherited bits from family.  Did I tell you that this house comes fully furnished?And apparently that means dishes, glassware, toilet paper… everything you need to move in, unpack your clothes and turn on the gas fireplace and one of the six (yes, six!) television sets and enjoy.

Of course, that’s not what would happen with us.  Beside the painting, we would want to move in some of our furniture, move out some the stuff that’s there, re-arrange a couple of rooms, all to actually make it OUR dreamHOME.  Because isn’t that the point of having a dream?  It’s all YOURS.  You set up the parameters, you fill in the gaps, you make it personal.  Then, and only then, does it become home.

If Mr Lucky lives up to his billing, I will love the river and the wide open Great Room with the dramatic stone walls and the incredibly fenestration throughout the entire house, as well as cooking to my heart’s desire on a 48” Wolf Range. (Actually, when I think about it, it’s quite possible that I most desire the house for that range…).  Jeff will love the skiing in the winter and the fishing all year ‘round and sitting on the balcony off our bedroom every evening watching the sun set behind the mountains, and be as content as he has ever been.

We really do not expect to win.  No one seriously can expect to win a great prize like this for no other reason than just plain luck of the draw, and maintain their stability for long, I don’t think.  But we do have fun talking about it, and maybe that’s the best part of any dream contest like this, the pure pleasure of the dreaming.

I would like to say, though, that should you happen to find a dark grey moleskin notebook with printed pictures and pencil drawings and paint samples, along with three or four versions of a work plan to have a large revised ranch house re-decorated in time for late summer visitors… it’s not mine.



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