Another Random Day…More Random Thoughts

Rachel Maddow, I think I love you. And I know I admire your spirit & sense of humour & heads-up attitude and, especially, your stick-to-itiveness-without-getting-bitchy.  Gov McDonnell will never come on your show because he doesn’t have your balls. So to speak.

Twitter is like a love affair: it has several interesting benefits, and also many, many demands for your attention.

Missing someone’s company is not the same as wanting them back in your life.  However, I really miss my girlfriends and very much want them back in my life.  And I really miss my book club friends, too.  Reading is still fun but not quite the same.

Speaking of books, I finished A GATHERING OF SAINTS by Christopher Hyde this week.  My father had this book in his library and I’m pretty sure he loaned it to me once, but I cannot remember reading it before.  At all.  But, I got it out of the “family library” when we broke it up a few years ago, and I’m so glad! It’s really, really good!  I mean, engaging, fascinating, thrilling, can’t put it down sort of book.  Thanks, Ross… someone I miss and do want back in my life.

Cookies from an Italian bakery are so much better than cookies from any other kind of bakery.  And almost as good as my own chocolate chip & oatmeal raisin cookies.

Time travel stories give me a headache from thinking about them too much. So why am I so excited to see AWAKE on NBC next week?  Maybe because I bought a new bottle of Bufferin yesterday?

We make our own soda these days. It’s actually quite fun to do, less expensive to drink, and a bizarre topic of discussion at the dinner table. Go SodaStream!

Writing a book proposal that includes, but is not limited to cooking, still means doing a lot of cooking.  Jeffrey is eating well, but cooking to a sort of schedule is sort of weird.  And I still haven’t made GoldenRod.

I love Meyer Lemons.

The Grey Cat loves olive juice.  Not olive oil but olive juice… She is a funny, funny cat.

It’s Oscar night on Sunday, and I am reminded again of how few movies I’ve seen in the past couple of years. I used to go all the time! Well, for a while I actually had to go because of my work but still… I love the actual going to the movie and the eating of the popcorn and the communal sharing of the movie experience with other people. Although, sometimes, on a weekday matinée, it’s only 4 or 5 other people.

I have been gagging my way through the Republican debates (and let’s avoid any discussion at all about how these are not actually debates….) and visions of Barry Goldwater keep dancing through my head.

Do you think when he leaves the White House, Barack “Barry” Obama will release an album of Al Green/blues covers? ’cause if he does, I’ll buy at least a dozen copies.  We have Republican friends who just love good music…

And finally, I would like to live in a thatched roof cottage someday.  Maybe just as a long-term holiday rental but a real thatched roof cottage.  Near Oxford.


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