“Hump Day”… Such A Peculiar Way to Put It

You know that old rhyme….

Monday’s child is fair of face, Tuesday’s child is full of grace.  Wednesday’s child is full of woe, Thursday’s child has far to go. Friday’s child is loving & giving, Saturday’s must work hard for a living.  But the child that was born on the Sabbath Day is bonny & wise and good & gay (in the original sense of the word, I hasten to add).

I was born on a Wednesday.  Don’t think I have EVER forgotten this rhyme, especially at those times when my life is not moving forward or happily.  I should also like to add my youngest brother, Max, he of whom I have previously written as being the “Golden Boy” in our family, was born on a Sunday.  Figures, eh?

I have always been partial to Wednesdays, and I don’t think it’s just because I was born on one.  Where Monday promises everything and Friday brings us the weekend (not to mention the possibility of a nice Shabbos dinner if you happen to know a great kosher cook!), Wednesday offers us possibility.

Yes, I haven’t done everything I wanted to do this week… But there’s still 2 days to go in the work week!  There’s still time, right?  Not to mention people seem to be in a good mood most Wednesdays.  Maybe it’s because the heaviest part of their week is over, maybe it’s because Wednesday is a pretty cool word and that kind of karma is not insignificant.  Or maybe it’s because people get to say “It’s Hump Day!”

Gosh, I can’t begin to tell you how much I dislike that phrase.  And I’m not sure I can explain why.  I mean, there’s that dirty thing you can get out of it, certainly but it’s more than that.  Maybe you can explain it to me…

There’s so much I need to have explained to me, actually.  I would like to know why I’m fascinated by the time period from WWI to WWII – everything about it from the rapid changes in social attitudes, the food, the literature, the fine arts, the music, the politics is a deep well the bottom of which I will never reach, and the journey to which I will never be bored.

I want to understand baseball statistics – I enjoy a good game of baseball in person (not so much on television, it’s fine on radio) but the stats! Good Golly Jackie Robinson.  I also really enjoy great baseball stories, both real and fictional, especially when they have a touch of Canada in them (like Jackie Robinson’s!).

I want to go back to high school physics and see if I have more patience now for it than I did then.  My physics teacher was excellent and I really did work very hard at it, but I do not have a logical mind, which means trig and algebra are beyond me, which means physics isn’t so easy.  Biology on the other hand – I did very well in bio.

All of this has nothing to do with Wednesday of course.  But maybe that’s what’s so special about Wednesday.  That’s one day of the week which really has no expectations so it can be anything you want to make of it – a chance to learn something new, or renew an old acquaintance, or just do sweet fanny adams if that’s your choice.

But if that last one is your choice, do remember that Wednesday’s child is full of woe so don’t leave too many things undone before having a little fun.  Which reminds me…

I got stuff to do!  See you for Thursday.



One thought on ““Hump Day”… Such A Peculiar Way to Put It

  1. I was born on a Sunday, so I am living proof that the rhyme is crap!
    My favourite day of the week is Thursday. We often used to go out on Thursdays when I was at university. I worked weekends, so Thursday. My friends were happy because I was the opposite of a “guy magnet”. NO ONE would approach if I was with them!… 🙂
    I still like Thursdays — I often ended up having classes with my favourite students here — yepper! on Thursdays! Here is Spain, on Thursdays they say “la semana esta vencida”. Literally, you have beaten the week.

    Next Thursday is a general strike here!

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