Yet Again, Some Random Ideas…

I was standing outside at 23:30 last night, watching the full moon pretty much crash to earth, enjoying a light warm-ish breeze, listening to the sounds of a Saturday night in the near-city and I got to thinking….

Spring is shorter than it used to be.  Or at least, it seems so.  In my childhood, spring started in April and went pretty much to the end of June, maybe with warmer days in June than in April, but still with clear and cooler nights, and definitely no humidity.  As I was enjoying the perfect spring night we were given last night, my mind traveled ahead a little to warmer and more humid air I worry may come too soon.

I went on Twitter last night after spending some time cleaning up the chunks of moon scattered all over my front yard, and I found a photo of that gorgeous full moon sitting behind the Eiffel Tower.  I have never stayed in Paris, unless you count three hours in the Gard du Nord, but looking at the  photo made me feel as if I were there.  It was a glorious feeling; I just hope it doesn’t take away from the pleasure of actually being in Paris someday 🙂

Is it wrong to love a grocery store?  If so, I’m going to be taken away any time now because I love Wegman’s.  So does Alec Baldwin’s mother.  She lives in the Syracuse area now, and refused to move to California to be near Alec because she refused to leave “her” Wegman’s.  That’s why he does commercials for the store – for his mother!  Anyway, when I go to Wegman’s, I feel like the world of good food and delightful entertaining is at my feet.  Or rather, in my grocery cart.

Mother’s Day is coming up next week.  We’re going to miss the family gathering but are having my parents-in-law for lunch the day before.  I have said it before, but want to say again, I struck it lucky in the in-law sweepstakes and am particularly grateful to still have parental figures in my life now that my own are gone.  There is something in us all – or at least, in those of us who have enjoyed our relationship with our parents – that craves that kind of love/mentoring/advice/comfort for the rest of our lives.  Last week, Mom was talking with me about her parents, especially her dad.  He died about 50 years ago, a little less, and I could tell that she still misses him very much in some ways.  We always need our parents – if you still have yours, hug ’em for me, will you?

What is it about food cravings?  When I get one, I really get one.  Fortunately, they don’t happen too often but still… jeez.  About a week ago, there was no chocolate in the house.  None.  Which isn’t usually a problem because, while I do enjoy a good piece of chocolate now and then, I’m not chocolate-dependent (unlike my beloved who I believe would die if the world’s supply of chocolate did.  Die, I mean).  But that day, when there was no chocolate in my house… my body was pretty much aching for it.  Also, after I get past a really intense headache, I crave Chinese food; do you think it’s the MSG?  And let’s not forget the need for something greasy and/or salty to go with that glass of wine that’s the one-too-many!!  Honestly, isn’t that why poutine was invented?

If you love period mystery books, please read the ‘Maisie Dobbs’ series by Jacqueline Winspear.  I fell into them by accident, picking up the third in the series and fell in deep admiration.  Although mostly set in the early 30s, there is in the first few books a lot of exposition of the WWI years and even a little earlier.  The books are part history, part politics, part thriller, and all entertainment.  Do try one… and if you can, start with an earlier one just to get a better sense of the history.

Never make a meringue on a humid day.  Just sayin’.

I wish I loved to garden.  I certainly enjoy a beautiful garden, and look at Karen’s garden (my sister-in-law) with such astonishment that one person could achieve so much in such a small space.  But as for doing the work?  Please give me the name of the nearest local florist.  Sigh.

Late last night, after the moon thing and after Jeff came home from work, we went to the hospital.  He had managed to get something in his eye at work – something tiny and sharp and needing to be taken out – and I said “Emerg!!”  So we drove to the VA hospital emerg and had the tiny, sharp thing taken out of his eye.  It was Saturday  night remember, and I was concerned that we might have a bit of a wait, even at the VA which handles only veterans who are, generally speaking, not known for getting into a lot of drunk smash-ups and fist fights come Saturday.  However, we ran into absolutely no wait.  Jeff walked in, filled out the form requiring his name & ID number, and saw a doctor.  Pretty much in the amount of time it took you to read that sentence.  I know that the VA has gotten some knocks for the way they handle PTSD and other mental health challenges following the Iraq & Afghan conflicts – and frankly, they deserve them and the vets deserve much better and much more in that regard – but the general physical care that vets receive is excellent.  And fast!!

If I had enough money, I would buy a bottle of every liqueur available.  Is that wrong of me?  Or could it be as delicious as I think it could be??

I love the smell of lilacs, clean babies and banana bread fresh out of the oven.

Writing is hard; re-writing sucks.

Why does Johnny Depp need to act wearing so much make-up/costuming?  Do you think he doesn’t know how to do it in ‘street’ clothes and a little powder to keep the shine off his nose?

I saw the movie “Mirror, Mirror” last week and have been watching “Once Upon A Time” and “Grimm” since the fall – not every single week, but fairly regularly.  What do you think it says about our times that popular entertainment is falling back on fairy tales – scary bits & all – to fill up our leisure hours?  During the Great Depression of the 30s, Hollywood’s most popular movies were musicals; maybe fairy tales laced with a little gruesomeness are how we’re dealing with our very hard economic times.  And of course, the fact that the movie and both those television shows are pretty darn good only helps.

And finally… weekend newspapers = bliss.  I  have mine.  Enjoy yours.


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