First let me say, we’re just fine.  No one was home except the Grey Cat and while she seems to know that something bad happened and is being very clingy (for her, which isn’t really clingy but more follow-y everywhere around the apartment) today.  However, I am angry and outraged and pissed off and generally…. CRANKY!

We were burgled last night.  May 19th.  Sometime between 8:30 and 10:00pm when I was at Wegman’s.  But actually, I’m quite sure it was very, very close to 10:00.  I know this because a bottle which THE BASTARD took out of the refrigerator, I’m sure thinking it was wine but leaving there because it was a white sangria mix, not alcoholic, was still ice cold without any condensation.  So no more than 5 minutes sitting on the counter.

THE BASTARD sliced the screen in our bedroom window and entered that way.   And I have to believe he left that way because both doors were locked when I entered the apartment.  THE BASTARD is not a professional thief in that he was going after “the good stuff” – he left behind the furs, the paintings, my mother’s sterling silver flatware – but he did take what is easily sellable at a pawn shop or junk shop… Minolta 35mm (film) camera, iPhone, 75 CDs, 70 DVDs, and ALL OUR JEWELLRY!!!!!!

MISS CRANKY PANTS may be in residence for a long, long time.  I mean, we’re insured but that’s not the point.  It will help replace the DVDs and the CDs, and also the four bottles of booze THE BASTARD took (but not the scotch, which sort of proves he’s a young BASTARD).  The crankiness is because the things he took are things that simply cannot be replaced, the pieces of jewellry I inherited from my grandmothers and my mother and my father, not to mention several pieces from Jeff which also have great sentimental value.  THE BASTARD stole my life.  Not my memories… but the ephemera of my life.  And I’m very, very CRANKY.

The stupid part is several of the pieces are inscribed, so when we visit the pawnshops tomorrow and Tuesday looking for them, I will easily be able to identify them.  IF YOU’RE READING THIS, BUFFALO PAWNSHOPS, I know exactly what was taken and I want it back.

There are a couple of odd and funny things I have to tell you (yes, there can be funny in being robbed):  First, I had a gift wrapped box in the jewellry draw with a watch I’ve been saving for a time when I seriously needed cheering up.  Today, I am wearing my very fun & funky penguin watch because apparently gift wrapping throws of this BASTARD!  (And Jeff’s similar watch, only with a violin, which I bought at the same time, was ALSO left behind!  Isn’t that weird?)

He opened up the cookie jar I keep on my nightstand for loose change and took the change – not that much money but still, I can’t do laundry today because there went my quarters.  He dumped all my clothes on the floor from the top two drawers on my dresser, and half from the bottom drawer before giving up on that prospect (maybe I scared him off at that point?).  And the icky part of being in my bedroom, aside from pawing my bras, is that THE BASTARD touched my pillows, taking the pillow cases to haul off the stuff.

And the really funny thing:  he took my instant flavoured coffee & hot chocolate mixes.  A BASTARD THIEF with a sweet tooth… hehehe.

I suppose I should be grateful he didn’t make a real mess, just dumped clothes and some scattered, left behind DVDs and CDs on the floor in the bedroom, Jeff’s “man cave” and the living room.  He was smart enough to know not to take a 15-year CRT tv, and too stupid to take my Mac which was sitting RIGHT THERE FOR GOD’S SAKE.

As a truly interesting aside, the four police officers who responded – 2 uniforms last night, 2 detectives this morning – are all WOMEN.  Is that cool or what?  And the detectives were actually quite fun to be with – one of them asked how long we’ve been married.  I told her we’d just celebrated an anniversary on Monday and she said, “Boy, and he still looks at you with that light in his eyes.”  So sweet of her.  And they both said we were taking this very well with good humour.  I mean, what else could we do?

I want to cry – I’m never going to get my grandma Ollie’s wedding ring back, or my mother’s. The pearl earrings from my other grandmother, plus an unset sapphire from my grandfather, are gone.  My father’s signet ring maybe I’ll see again – it has his initials – but not his silver bar.  The GBS pendant with a diamond Jeff bought me, and the opal and tourmaline rings are gone.  And so is my original wedding ring. And several more pieces, plus a lot of really good costume jewellry.  I don’t have those things to pass on now to my nieces and nephews, as I had wanted to, so they would have some physical link to the great- and grandparents they didn’t or barely knew.  This makes me sad.  Very, very sad.

I’d go have a drink to make me feel better, temporarily, but THE BASTARD stole my booze.  Except for the scotch.  And the red wine in the buffet.  Altho’ he did open up the drawers in the buffet & discovered the china handled flatware.  Which he left behind.  But which, if THE BASTARD had taken & had the balls to be patient on eBay or deal with a really good antique shop, could have been a lot of money to feed his drug habit.

So Pawn Brokers of Buffalo, I’m coming to talk with you.  Don’t mess with a cranky, middle-aged broad who misses her parents and grandparents and wants her ephemera back.



  1. If this BASTARD is in the Buffalo area, he might also intend to move the stuff to other areas so it might be more work, but worth it in the long run to check them. As miserable as I felt today, I knew you were dealing with even more sadness and could feel how vindicated you felt….and Iknow these are just words on a screen and may not ease the anger nor the hurt, but it is heartfelt…> I am glad that you’re both safe and that though he took some very important mementos, it’s still stuff and you and Jeff are alive and ok. As is your cat 🙂

  2. You go get ’em! Get our parents and grandparents stuff back!
    I hope they find the opportunistic BASTARD creep who stole from you!
    I also hope they give you 5 minutes alone with him – hehe…..
    hugs ‘n kisses……
    baby sis

  3. Oh, Claudia, what a horrible experience. I’m just catching up on unread mail from last month and read your blog post above. This is one of those big city downsides – not that rotten bastards don’t do bad things in small towns, but i do think they’re more likely to be caught and stolen stuff is probably recovered more often. Any luck recovering any of it?

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