Writers and Coffee: These Two Things Belong Together

So I joined a writers’ group yesterday evening.

They asked why I wanted to come out and be part of it and I was honest – I said I needed the structure of a group to kick my ass, to help me stop the procrastinating I do very, very well.  And, I added, because I don’t work in an office with other people, I was looking to make friends with whom I had at least one thing in common: writing!

Plus, they meet at a really great coffee shop.  Hit the jackpot here, folks.

Now comes the scary part – I actually do have to produce!  Jeez.  I got up this morning and looked at my computer and said, “You and I are not going to be very good friends for the next little while, are we?”  I hope it didn’t take it personally, as I happen to really need this little sucker, but honestly.  Looking at a blank computer screen is almost more frightening than looking at a blank piece of paper.

At least with the latter, you can make a paper airplane or an origami crane… something useful will come of it.

Just got an email a few minutes ago – my group has a sharing system for posting pieces, so we can read them in advance and be prepared with our criticisms…. our constructive criticisms… as well as positive feedback for the next meeting.  So now I have to decide, what to publish.  As my goal is to finish the collection of short stories, at least as far as I can without some professional guidance, by mid-November, putting the stories into the group share is my priority.  And my fear.

I will do the best I can do, and I’m pretty sure my best is just fine.

Once the ironing is done… and that next load of laundry goes in… and I’ve figured out what to defrost for tomorrow… and don’t I have some birthday cards to write….

The group is waiting… the group is waiting…

Do or do not, as my guru Yoda says. Although I happen to believe that there is trying in the doing or the doing not, because you can from here to there without trying to make the journey…. See, Muppets just tie you up in knots and leave you on the floor calling for the Cookie Monster. Cookie! Cookie!


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