I’ve Been Thinking… And Now You Will Too


My writer’s group, which I just recently joined, really enjoyed the first two of the short stories they read. Even the men said they want to read more, and considering that the stories are skewed toward women, this is very cool.  I am both elated… and very, very scared.

Making chili sauce is a wonderful thing. Eating chili sauce is a wonderful thing. Still eating September’s chili sauce in June might not be so very wonderful.

Actor Mary McCormack was able to gather several of her castmates from “The West Wing” to make a video about the importance of non-partisan voting and, as a result, also supporting the non-partisan candidacy of her sister Bridget Mary McCormack for State Supreme Court of Michigan.  As great a judge B.M.McCormack might make, the important part was…. “The West Wing” was back!!

I love my SodaStream. It’s nearly impossible to get new carbonation units when you want them, but I still love my SodaStream.

I hate hazelnut.  Which means, of course, Jeff loves it.  It’s why we have two canisters of coffee.  Sigh.  Is there some unwritten language in the marriage contract which requires spouses to really hate what the other one loves??  It happens with so much of our daily lives.  Like the colour orange – his favourite colour and, with the exception of pumpkins and actual oranges, I’d like to see it banned.  Especially from flowers.

I won knitting lessons from my friend Emma about 8 years ago. Think she’ll come down here to teach me???

Where did the expression “leaf peeping” come from?  All I can think of when I hear it is a bunch of middle-aged naked people running through a very dense forest trying to get a glimpse of each other.  Do you think I’m as warped as I think I am???

Alan Bradley, I’m calling you out.  Harriet de Luce is not dead. You’ve provided three pretty good clues that this is so. Bring her back soon!  BTW, if you have not read any of the Flavia de Luce books, you should.  They are wonderful.

Also, Felix Francis, you’re doing a great job picking up the reins (you should pardon the expression) from your dad, Dick Francis. And  your mother, Mary, too for that matter.  I just wish the UK versions of your books were available in the US; Michael Joseph has better typesetting and the spelling is “correct”.

I am an awful person for loathing a woman with a life-threatening illness and really bad taste in thousand dollar t-shirts (I mean, it was an awful print, it was a t-shirt and she paid $1000 for it. Shudder), but I don’t actually care. I still loathe her and fervently hope by November 7th, she will have stopped whining talking and gone back to her many, many houses.

Is it wrong to love a major kitchen appliance?

This is how Canadian men will be spending their winter, right?  “Bon Cop, Bad Cop” just keeps running through my head when I think about the NHL lock-out and Gary Buttman (See the movie.).

Ice skating


I can buy a beautiful fountain pen… and cannot find decent rag paper on which to use the pen.  Why?

And finally, if I keep having weird dreams of dismembered body parts floating in peculiar liquids, why do I insist on watching tv shows that are all about dismembered body parts floating in peculiar liquids.




2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Thinking… And Now You Will Too

  1. You know I love you dearly, but you’re very strange 🙂
    Instead of rag paper look for Japanese Udo paper…strong, fine and cheap!

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