Oh, The Giddy Delight

Just how wrong is it of me to be utterly, completely over-the-moon thrilled with responses received to my blog post on “Miss Shoemaker”??

Am I supposed to be blase and cool, just nodding my head because, of course people are reading it, enjoying that lovely memoire, my neat turn with a phrase?  Because if that’s what I’m supposed to do… oh, dear, do I have it wrong!  I am actually positively giddy with delight.

Not, I hasten to add, that I believe this response means I have it “made” as a writer.  That’s so far from true!  But it helps so much to hear from complete strangers that they liked the story, that it had an impact on them, that reading just the one post has made them want to read more so they’ve subscribed to The8treGirl.

My family and some friends have always been kind in their comments and praise, and I value that, especially as so many of them are book dorks & freaks like me.  But validation from people who know me only through the blog, who are responding to my words and not to me… For this feeling, I don’t seem to have words actually.

This response, which is on-going I’d like to add although not quite as ‘hot’ as it was earlier in the week, has come at an especially difficult time for us (my husband & I) personally.  His employer has cut back all hourly employees to 26 hours per week while asking all managers to work 60 hours (or more) per week – without increasing their pay of course – in order to cut costs while revenue is down.  He works for a downtown business that is being hurt by the NHL strike so, it should be needless to say, hockey owners and players are not my favorite people right now nor, frankly, is a company that treats staff at all levels so poorly but that’s an entirely different discussion.

It was Jeff’s job that enabled me to take time to stretch myself as a writer, to break out of the journalism and marketing mold of writing, to concentrate on what I love and what I thought I could do, believed I could succeed at, if I gave it an honest attempt.  This very scary drop in income is going to stretch us to the limit, and it might very well mean that I will have to give up for a while.  But not completely, and definitely not forever.  The short story collection on which I have been working will be done, and I will continue to blog here and I hope for other blogs as well.  And I will continue to enter writing contests with high hopes, if few expectations, but believing, finally, that I am a writer.

I am a writer!  I didn’t really believe it at first.  I would say it but it felt weird rolling off my tongue, but now I think it’s true.  Not the best writer – yet! – and not to everyone’s taste – silly people who don’t like my stuff! – but still… I am a writer.

And a copy editor and a social media marketer and an event planner & fundraiser and a theatre director & producer and manager and a pastry cook… All these things and more I can do… just in case you’re hiring.

And if you’re not, but are still reading this blog… a thousand giddy thank you’s.  You have warmed my heart in ways uncountable.


3 thoughts on “Oh, The Giddy Delight

  1. I’ve always wanted to be a heart warmer – as well as your early youth book mule! Ok, I’m lying about the last part….
    I think it’s AWESOMELY WONDERFULLY SPLENDIFEROUS that you’re getting all this attention….
    Well done. Well deserved.
    It sucks about Jeff’s job. (how’s that for a turn of phrase?)
    We’ll Skype before I leave for Puerto Vallarta 🙂

  2. My dear Claudia, of course you’re a writer! Along with all those other things you mentioned. Congrats on finding your voice, and even more importantly, finding an audience. This happened to me too very recently (one of my posts was Freshly Pressed by WordPress) and I relate most strongly to your giddiness! Good luck with the writing and with the rest of life. Hang in C & J – life is just a bunch of stories with unexpected plot twists

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