Night Owl, Meet Morning Lark

I woke up this morning, completely and totally sure that it was Sunday morning.

Recently, the Other Half changed jobs.  So recently, that he hasn’t actually started working there yet, although he’s done the paperwork and will be going in for some flexibility and strength testing later this week.  This change in his work means a change in our sleeping and eating patterns.  Where once he worked from 15:30 to midnight, he’ll now be working from 07:30 to… probably 16:30 or so most days, including travel time.  He’s very excited about this – he’ll be doing the kind of work he likes, he’ll be earning more money, and we’ll have our evenings together back again.

My body is not adapting well to this change.  Whereas for the past 16 months we’ve been getting up at 10:00 or even later, eating our big meal of the day at 14:00 and having cereal for supper (well, I did; either that or leftovers.  I always packed Jeff a three-course lunch. Just call me Betty Crocker!).  When Jeff would come home, he’d have his after work beer and eat some cheese & crackers, and we would play cribbage or watch a movie, and go to bed at 02:00 or even later.

These were my hours, baby!  I’m a night owl.  I think better in the dark.  I see better in the dark!  (This, by the way, is absolutely true.  I have always seen better in the dark than anyone else I’ve ever met, and am actually quite comfortable getting around in minimal to no light.  Used to be my eyes adjusted pretty much immediately to a suddenly darkened room; not quite so much now, but I still have great night vision.)  This being alert and functioning in more daylight hours than not… taking a lot of getting used to.  Again!

See, for eleven and a half years I worked in morning radio.  Most people who want to work in radio kill to become part of the morning show – it’s the place to aim for if you’re aiming for a career in radio.  I started there.  I never aimed at a career in radio – it just sort of happened – nor did I especially consider morning radio.  I was offered a job, and I took it, and I sort of grew with it, and managed to have quite a bit of fun (and some angst) along the way.  But I would also like to say – getting up at 03:30 to be at work at 04:30 or so is not all it’s cracked up to be.  For eleven and a half years, I got by on very little sleep, consuming a huge amount of caffeine and by generally annoying my co-workers in the morning by talking & laughing too loudly.

A girl has to do something to keep herself awake!

Now, I’m not saying that getting up at 06:45 is the same thing… really.  But.  But.

I’m beginning to think that this is the one reason why people look forward to retiring: they can let their body determine when to sleep and eat, not their clock.  In the meantime, I’m learning to look at the calendar before deciding what day it is.  I’m learning to set up the coffee maker the night before (god, that helps. hot coffee immediately upon walking into the kitchen…). And I’m learning that there is a different kind of peace to be found in a quiet house when the sky is lightening, not darkening, and there is the possibility of a wide-awake world out there, waiting for you.

By the way, it’s Tuesday.



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