Colour Me… but never in orange

Never ask me what my favourite is in any category.  You will wind up with entirely too much information.

My best friend asked me this morning what my favourite colour is.  Here is my answer:

well…. are you talking to wear?  I like soft blue.  Not baby blue, not robin’s egg, but more like an early morning looking out over the lake blue.  I also wear purple, grey, black, sometimes ivory (although that never goes well when I’m eating spaghetti) and, well, that’s about it.  Khaki pants a lot in the summer….

 or are you talking about colours to surround me, like paint colours in a house?  BIG BOLD colours like Manadarin Red!  Midnight Blue!  Royal Purple!  although I also love the mediterranean look of sunshine yellow, navy blue & bright white.

 or are you talking about colours in a garden?  Our annuals this year will be pink & white.  While I love red too, red against the awful blue of this house would be wrong, wrong, wrong.  I never mix pink & red – it makes me anxious – but I like pink & white, red & white, red & yellow (weird, I know, but there you are), pink & yellow (well, some yellows, nothing too strong), yellow & purple, pink & purple, and I adore dark purple pansies, I mean almost black-dark-purple pansies, with little yellow middles.

and, just so you know, orange is a colour best reserved for the fruit, never near or around me.  Also, while I admire the concept of the colour green, I’m extremely picky about my greens.  For example, I love dark emerald green and a certain range of khaki/olive greens, but if you need the words “lime” or “mint” or “pistachio” to elucidate the green, then you have lost me.



One thought on “Colour Me… but never in orange

  1. funny thing… like you orange does not look good on me. in fact, it makes me look like a cadaver. how ghoulish!!
    i love my garden pots to be a lush rainbow; i have no issues mixing pink and red – lol!
    navy blue looks amazing on me; it actually brings out the green flecks in my blue eyes. cobalt blue intensifies my eye colour as does – of all colours – sage green.
    now, text me!

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