Bargaining With a Season

Oh, spring, I miss  you already.

I know that for much of North America, spring was a very difficult season this year but I loved it.  The occasionally heavy sneezing aside, this was a GREAT spring.  It was neither too cold nor too  hot.  The song birds were out in flocks.  The asparagus was delicious.  It was a great spring.

And then summer reared it’s head, with its promises of humidity and heat, with its offerings of sweat and sleeplessness.  Oh summer.  If it wasn’t for the fresh fruits and veg, I would abandon you altogether.  Because yes, it is only seasonal corn and watermelon and caprese salad that keep me from going mad in the summer.

I married a man to whom summer is balm.  He loves being hot and sweaty.  He basks in the sunshine (covered heavily with sunscreen, because he is a freckled redhead), rejoices in the outdoor sports and chores, and applauds every degree rising above 82/28 as being good, better, best!


And I will admit, this looks utterly lovely.  I’m sure the lake is wonderfully cooling -assuming it’s safe to swim in it, one can’t always be sure these days.  And I bet if the flowers were watered a little more, they wouldn’t look so parched and dried out by the sun, not unlike my aging face!

If I must have summer, then please let me bargain for the sort of summer I would enjoy.  Summer, give me an abundance of shade trees, and cooling breezes all night long, and please hold the humidity.  In exchange, I will delight in the harvest and preparation of an abundance of delicious local food, I will complain less about how hot I am, and I will be less happy to see autumn arrive.

Can you live with that bargain, Summer?  Because if you make the effort, so will I!



One thought on “Bargaining With a Season

  1. there’s a ‘weather trade-off’ no matter where you live…
    it’s blessedly cool at nights in the mountain summers; devilishly freezing (oxymoron anyone??) in the winters.
    altho’….. a dry heat and a dry cold is better than sweating before you get out of the shower or being chilled to the bone marrow..
    just sayin’

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