Happy Birthday to the Daughter I Didn’t Give Birth To!!

There are four people in my life who have birthdays today — that I know of, there may be more! — plus one yesterday and two coming up before the end of the month.  And as much as I treasure all those friends and family members, besides my sister, the most important birthday belongs to my daughter by another mother.

I’ve written about Durita before, and I suspect I’ll write about her again.  Certainly whenever I need to laugh, I just close my eyes and remember every morning of her life with us and how much we laughed then, and I can start laughing all over again.  She was 16 when she fell into our lives and turns 21 today.  21!  It hardly seems possible and yet…

She’s a world-class adventurer now, having just returned from a many weeks’ sojourn through Asia, riding elephants, zip lining through jungles, zooming along country roads in Cambodia on a scooter (Jeff’s reaction to those photos was priceless!) and so much more.  I suppose if you live in a (physically) tiny country like the Faeroe Islands, you want to get out and explore the bigger world as much as you can.  But I can’t tell you how much I want her explorations to bring her to her “other” home, here with us.  Maybe not forever, but surely sometimes.

Oh, who am I kidding?  Forever!

Durita on the train

So this is my beautiful, adventuring, darling girl, celebrating her 21st birthday on a day when the sun really won’t set, surrounded by friends and family, missed very much and loved very much by this family.

Make the birthday wishes count, Durita.


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